Steven Hunt

Full Stack Developer


  • Graduated highschool: 3.9 GPA
  • Built and hosted multiple personal websites

  • Obtained Associates Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Obtained Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from CSU: 3.8 GPA

  • Been working remote for the last 4 years, primarly building out and managing backend applications for various companies


Languages and Frameworks

  • Python: Web and software development, data analysis, and scripting
  • Django: DRF, ORM optimization, and the templating language
  • JavaScript: 2022, JQuery, AJAX, React and Node experience
  • PHP: 6+ experience alongside the Laravel framework
  • SQL: Standard syntax and stored procedures
  • Familiarity with other OOP languages including C++, Java, and C# throughout college curriculum

  • AWS: EC2, ECS, ECR, S3, Elastic Search, and RDS
  • APIs: Building and interacting with REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Databases: MySQL and Postgres
  • Web Servers: Apache, Nginx, and Node
  • Containerization with Docker via AWS or Kubernetes
  • Messaging Systems: Celery (async) and Kafka (pub-sub)
  • Version Control: Git / Github
  • Project Management: Atlassian Suite and Linear
  • CI/CD: CircleCI and Launch Darkly
  • Monitoring: Datadog, Sentry, AWS Cloudwatch, GCP Logs
  • Automated Testing / QA: Code Climate, Coveralls
  • Ecomm & CRM APIs: Shopify, Netsuite, Stripe, HubSpot, MailChimp, Amplitude, Magento, Amazon MWS & SP-API


Outside Inc., Remote
Software Engineer II, 2022-Current

  • Rolled out OAuth 2.0 and SSO backed by a Django driven OIDC server to provide authorization and authentication of users
  • Lead the design and development behind a cross-platform GDPR compliant deletion flow managed within our core Django backend
  • Built functionality to manage membership payment processing via a custom Stripe API integration
  • Migrated Outside’s eCommerce backend from Falcon over to Django running on AWS
TAGG Logistics, Remote
Software Engineer II, 2021-2022

  • Lead architect and developer for large-scale SAP EDI integration with Nestlé Global
  • Worked directly with stake-holders to provide seamless data flow in and out of TAGG’s order ecosystem
  • Designed and built internal UI tools to optimize SOPs utilizing the Django template language alongside the React and Bootstrap libraries
TAGG Logistics, Remote
Software Engineer, 2019-2021

  • Owned the architectural design process that allowed orders to flow in and out of a variety of ecommerce platforms and into TAGG's order ecosystem
  • Built custom reporting analytics based on various interchange data formats (JSON, XML, X12, etc) for client consumption
  • Supported and enhanced existing client integrations as their businesses scaled and their needs and requirements changed
Micro K12, Bellevue WA.
IT Service Manager, 2018-2019

  • Managed a team of 5 chartered with providing tier-3 IT and hardware support to local K-12 school district (28 individual schools)
  • Troubleshot software and OS related issues across entire technology intentory, including both student and staff provided laptops (20,000+)
  • Helped roll-out a new ITSM system, resulting in more accurate issue tracking and job processing
May Digital Solutions, Remote
Full Stack Developer, 2013-2015

  • Maintained and built custom web applications using Python, AWS, and Postgres
  • Commissioned to migrate multiple active WordPress web sites over to dynamic and response Django web applications
  • Helped build secure ecommerce platforms, including custom shopping carts and order management applications
  • UI/UX design using Bootstrap and React libraries ontop of Django templates

Volunteer Work

Seattle Coder Dojo, AWS Campus - Seattle WA.
Educator, Tutor and Mentor, 2018-2019

  • Helped provide opportunities for children to become interested in engineering through 2D game design using JavaScript and the Phasor engine
  • Provided guidence and mentorship to the more intermediate and advanced students on personal coding projects and homework using JavaScript, Python, and C#


California State University, Monterey Bay CA.
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science - Software Engineering
West Valley College, Saratoga CA.
Associate of Science, Mathematics & Computer Science
Pesonal Projects.
Pet foster and record keeping platform

Tech Stack:

Frontend: Bootstrap and React libs

Backend: PHP

Database: MySQL

Waves Away
Waves Away
Local Radio Station Guide

Tech Stack:

Frontend: Bootstrapped with some JavaScript & JQuery

Backend: PHP (HTML_DOM Parser Library)

APIs: Google Maps (Reverse Geocoding) and IP-API

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